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King’s Cross Church Of Christ



  Cancelation Of May Gospel Meeting 2020

In view of the travel restrictions due to the Coronavirus, it will be impossible for Jonathan to be hold the meeting for us. So the gospel meeting is postponed until further notice.

  Temporary Suspension Of Wednesday Night Bible Class

The Wednesday night Bible classes will resume on September 12, 2021. Note: classes will be conducted via Zoom.


Regarding The Change From The Use Of One Communion Cup To Multiple Cups

The Decision To Use Multiple Cups


Over the past couple of weeks, several members have expressed their concern that the Coronavirus might be transmitted via the one cup used to distribute the fruit of the vine.


It is in view of this that the men met on Sunday 15th March, 2020 to discuss this concern and arrive at a solution. Several men were present and after hearing everyone’s view a unanimous decision was made to switch to multiple cups from 22nd March, 2020.


The men arrived at this decision based on what would be best for the congregation as a whole. It was recognized that the decision would not be acceptable to all but the men believe that this is the best way forward for the congregation overall.  


About The Coronavirus


Facts about the Coronavirus: (i) It is extremely contagious, more so than the flu virus, (ii) It survives on a variety of surfaces a lot longer than the flu virus, (iii) While many young people in reasonably good health that contract the virus tend to recover without any ill effects, it has proved fatal to those over a certain age and with underlying health problems, and (iv) While inoculation against the annual flu virus is available, there is currently no inoculation against Coronavirus.


Anyone who watches or listens to the news will be aware of the great measures that have been taken to slow down the spread of the virus. Indeed, some countries have taken what we might consider very extreme measures. The measures taken simply underline the seriousness of this virus.


Are Multiple Cups Scriptural?


The majority of members believe that the use of one cup or multiple cups is authorized by the Scriptures. A careful study of the scriptures reveals that Jesus instituted the Lord’s Supper using unleavened bread and unfermented grape juice (spoken of metonymically as “the cup” in some accounts); it is on these two elements only that Jesus placed the spiritual significance.


What About Those Who Disagree With The Decision?


The men were very aware of the fact that, whatever the decision, not everyone would be satisfied, but a decision had to be reached on what was believed to be in the best interests of the members whilst remaining within the boundaries of scriptural authority. To continue to serve the grape juice in one cup and needlessly expose members to serious health risks when the Lord has given us the freedom to avoid those hazards by using multiple cups would be irresponsible.



invites you to attend its


Friday MAY 22nd, Saturday MAY 23rd, Sunday MAY 24th

(Doors open 6.45pm Friday and Saturday and 9.45am Sunday)


Where is the meeting being held?

 The Tenants & Residents Association Hall,
29a Chamberlain House, Phoenix Road, London NW1 1EU
(Entrance on Ossulston Street – see map below)



There will be talks on the following topics:


Friday May 22nd @ 7.15 pm



Saturday May 23rd @ 7.00 pm 



Sunday May 24th @ 10 am & 11:45 am

@ 10am: ????


@ 11:45am: ????





Map taken from Google Maps

Hope Chapel in Kentish Town

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