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Frequently Asked Questions

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King’s Cross Church Of Christ


Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. Do you believe that baptism is necessary for the remission of sins?

A. The short answer is yes. See Mark 16:16; Acts 2:38.


Q. Are you a sound/faithful church?

A. Would any church say, "No, we're not a sound church"? If you have a specific question about our worship or work, then please e-mail us.


Q. Do you use one cup or multiple cups?

A. We were using one cup, but we switched to multiple cups when Covid struck. We believe that it is Scriptural to use one cup or multiple cups.


Q. Do you meet in an upper room?

A. No. We rent a one level community hall for our meetings.


Q. If I arrive late and miss the Lord's Supper, can someone serve it to me after services?

A. We partake of the Lord's Supper shortly after 11am, and then, after the weekly collection, we break for about 10 minutes. It is during this break that the Lord's Supper is packed away (for reasons which I will not go into). So if you desire to partake of the Lord's Supper on your own in the back room, then please let one of the men know as soon as possible before everything is packed away.


Q. Do you use musical instruments in your worship?

A. No. We consider the use of musical instruments unscriptural.


Q. Do you get a lot of visitors?

A. We usually have several visitors each month, and the majority are those on vacation or a business trip from America. Most visitors are usually here for one or two weeks, but some who are here to study or work may stay anywhere from one month to two years.


Q. Do all your members live close to the building in which you meet?

A. No. Some brethren live in one of the London boroughs outside of Camden (Barnet, Haringey, Lambeth, Lewisham, etc.) and some live outside of London.


Q. Are any of your members able to put up visiting brethren?

A. Yes, if the rooms are available, but not very likely.


Q. Are you a conservative or liberal church?

A. The terms ‘conservative’ and ’liberal’ mean different things to different people and one man’s conservative church may be another man’s liberal church. Therefore, we simply describe ourselves as ‘a church of Christ.’ We do, however, seek scriptural authority for all that we do (Colossians 3:17). If you have a specific question, then please e-mail us.


Q. To which colleges and brotherhood papers do you subscribe?

A. The church does not identify or align itself with any college or preaching school, nor do we support or subscribe to any brotherhood magazine.


Q. Do you have an evening meeting?

A. No. This is for two reasons: first, due to financial constraints, and second, it is impractical because of the distance members have to travel. 


Q. Do you have Bible classes for adults and children?

A. After our worship service is concluded we have an adult Bible class - usually around 11:45 am. We currently have no children's class.


Q. Do you have a mid-week Bible Study?

A. Yes, but not at the building. We meet every Wednesday evening at 7:30pm to 8:30pm via Zoom (you can login from 7:15pm). The login details are the same every week: Meeting ID: 461 920 9993 Passcode: 5944


Q. Can someone pick me up from the airport when I arrive and take me to the airport when I leave?

A. Probably not. (i) All the brethren live quite a long way from both Heathrow and Gatwick airports (ii) Only a few brethren have cars (iii) It really will be a lot quicker to take the tube (subway) to where you are staying.


Q. Can someone take me sightseeing?

A. Probably not. With the greatest respect, we have many visitors passing through and taking visitors on sightseeing tours is time consuming and expensive.


Q. I am a first-time visitor... can I just turn up or do I need to make an appointment or something?

A. Anyone (Christian or not) is welcome to come along to our services at any time. You will be warmly welcomed.


Q. Do you use money from the church treasury to support non-Christians, orphan homes, schools, colleges, Bible camps, or any secular institution?

A. The  short answer is no. The congregation here believes that it may use the money from the treasury to help needy Christians, edify itself, and to support evangelism. We believe it is unscriptural to support secular institutions.


Q. Do you believe in the sponsored church arrangement?

A. No. There is no Scriptural authority for such an arrangement.


Q. Does the church have social events?

A. No. The church does not have a calendar of social events; individuals, however, do make personal arrangements to socialize.


Q. Do have a localised preacher or do you consider such an arrangement unscriptural?

A. The church here supports a preacher to preach, teach, and work as an evangelist. There are several other men that are capable of preaching and teaching, and so we all participate in preaching and teaching.